Product Review: Mabisco Digest Walking Its Way Into Consumers’ Mind

Product Review: Mabisco Digest Walking Its Way Into Consumers’
Product Review: Mabisco Digest Walking Its Way Into Consumers’

Consumers, they say, are the final user of a purchased product or service, they are the end-users in the sales distribution chain. This assertion implies that consumers make choice based on their experience on a particular product or service.

However, this best describes the market invasion of the recently introduced Mabisco Digest which has found its way into the minds of many digestive biscuit lovers.

MARKETINGSPACE gathered that consumers who have had the taste of the well blended and locally made Mabisco Digest speak high volume of its goodness since it came into the market. They believe the product has all it takes to be the leader in its market segment.

Our recent findings showed that consumers rate Mabisco Digest so high from the packaging to product formation more than its counterparts like Nigeria’s Mcvitie’s digestive biscuit, Gullon digestive biscuit, Lyons digestive and others. They opined that the product met international standard, and its pass mark is not just in the taste and crunch, but it is also price competitive.

‘’Mabisco Digestive biscuits are not only delicious, but it also brings with it all the goodness one expects from a digestive biscuit. It has a soft crumbly texture and mildly sweet taste compared to other digestive biscuits we have today in the market,’’ Mrs. Chidinma Njoku said.

Another consumer, Mrs. Folashade Ajani, who spoke on the quality, mentioned that, “Mabisco digest has the same quality of foreign digestive biscuits you can get in the UK or the USA, its taste is just the best for me and my household.’’

‘’I commend the company producing this high quality digestive. You can hardly know that it is produced in this country. I just pray that they won’t reduce the quality,’’ she added.

Apparently there is a reason why these consumers fell in love with the Mabisco digest. The soft crumbly texture and mildly sweet taste, along with how beautifully it becomes a tea-time buddy, are just some of the things everyone who tastes the Mabisco digest is talking about.

Mabisco Digest has a bigger sized crunchy that turns to powder on chewing. The bigger sized crumb is also what feels fibrous in the mouth. You should expect a soft-crunch in your digestives, rather than a crispy-crunch.

Mabisco Digest is a product of Mayor Biscuit Company Limited (MABISCO), a newly established Nigerian world class manufacturer of cookies and snacks, headquartered in O.P.I.C Industrial Estate, Agbara, Ogun State, Nigeria is already giving host of other digestive biscuits a good run for their money as the company has been making serious impact in the digestive biscuit segment. The company is committed to producing innovative products using state-of-the-art machinery and engineering that guarantees quality products.