How safe is Alabukun powder to consumer’s health?


Alabukun 2In Nigeria, there is a drug commonly used by the people from the upper lower and the lower lower, strata of the society. The drug, Alabukun, manufactured locally by Odulate Company is regarded as pain killer as well as an antidote to fever.

It is assumed that the drug is mostly used by those workers, skilled or unskilled, who exert so much energy in carrying out their daily chores.

Information gathered recently from some users of the drug showed that they either used it as an energiser or stimulant easily purchased Over The Counter (OTC) and this according medical experts can cause liver damage, heart attack, brain damage or blocked arteries.

A regular consumer of the drug, John Okeke said someone told him that the drug may cause damage to manhood, so he had to stop discontinue with it.

Further investigations revealed that some young sexually active ladies consume Alabukun to enhance their libido and performance while some sex hawkers interviewed in Agege, Oshodi, Abule Egba and Ogba areas of Lagos Mainland that when lime is mixed with the drug, it has the capacity to abort pregnancies.

So, with all these revelations from different categories of people, would you still see Alabukun drug as not dangerous to health?