Mowana International Pioneers Groundbreaking Tool To Boost African Exporters

Mowana International Pioneers Groundbreaking Tool To Boost African
Mowana International Pioneers Groundbreaking Tool To Boost African

Mowana International, a leading figure in the realm of global trade, proudly unveils a revolutionary initiative designed to empower Nigerian and African manufacturers to reach international markets while facilitating payments in foreign currencies. At the heart of this transformation is the Mowana Mobile app, replete with features including a dynamic marketplace connecting African vendors with global buyers and powerful multicurrency capabilities.

*Mowana Mobile:* Empowering African Manufacturers*

The Mowana Mobile app is set to be a game-changer for African manufacturers seeking to expand their horizons across international borders. This innovative platform offers a vibrant marketplace, seamlessly bridging African vendors and global buyers. Notably, it incorporates robust multicurrency functionalities, streamlining transactions in various foreign currencies.

*Global Reach Through Mowana’s Global Warehouses*

Mowana International stands firmly by African vendors by facilitating the shipping of their products to its global warehouses strategically located in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. These products are then made available for purchase in Mowana’s own outlets and franchises.

The launch of the Mowana app brings a new dimension to the reach of African products, allowing members of the African diaspora to directly order products via the Mowana App, with delivery right to their doorsteps. This transformative approach is powered by technology and seeks to revitalize the export of ‘Made in Nigeria’ products.

*A Vision for Change, As Voiced by CEO Bolaji Ola-Adams*

During the Mobile app’s launch in Ibadan, the CEO of Mowana International, Bolaji Ola-Adams, conveyed the company’s transformative mission. He emphasized that Nigerian manufacturers now have a robust opportunity to showcase their products on the global stage. This paradigm shift allows them to focus on producing world-class goods while Mowana takes on the pivotal roles of distribution, warehousing, and sales.

*The Thriving Marketplace*

Mowana International’s expansive marketplace serves as a hub for vendors and buyers alike, offering vendors the unique opportunity to sell through Mowana partner African stores and Mowana Franchise outlets in the USA, UK, and Canada. Mowana operates a thriving franchise system for the Mowana brand, and there are plans to open numerous franchise outlets in various countries across the globe in the coming months.

*Strategic Partnerships for Enhanced Impact*

In its unceasing pursuit of reaching more exporters, Mowana has established strategic partnerships with government organizations and financial institutions. In a significant development, Mowana signed a pivotal partnership agreement with the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) last year, marking a critical step towards fostering the growth of SMEs in Nigeria.

The launch of the Mowana Mobile app reflects Mowana International’s steadfast commitment to the prosperity of African manufacturers and its overarching vision to transform the landscape of international trade. This initiative stands as a testament to Mowana’s unwavering dedication to nurturing economic growth and expanding opportunities within and beyond Africa.

Mowana International is a front-runner in the global trade landscape, committed to simplifying international trade for African manufacturers. Through its innovative technology and strategic alliances, Mowana International is reshaping the way African products enter the global market.

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Mowana International Pioneers Groundbreaking Tool To Boost African