Inaugural Edition Of Lagos Beauty Summit Slated For July


During the first week of July, Lagos would play host to several beauty enthusiasts drawn from across the country totaling over 250 in number. The event is powered by Seddy Cosmetics with the inaugural edition themed The Power Of More, there will be exhibitions, master classes, investors, fashion and beauty experts, industry greats and international partners.

Inaugural Edition Of Lagos Beauty Summit Slated For
Inaugural Edition Of Lagos Beauty Summit Slated For

To kick-start activities, the founder of the summit and CEO of @SeddyCosmetics, Temitope Sedi, an industry expert with over 10 years of experience, spoke at a press conference in Lagos saying the upcoming summit would address the deficit within the beauty industry, tackle fakes, connect consumers and exhibitors to the right investors and beauty experts that would foster growth in their businesses.

“Several people have invested millions of Naira in this industry but struggle to recoup their investments because of a heavy influx of fake products. This is killing the industry and frustrating genuine people like us that are working hard to put the right products out there. This summit aims to correct this and many other issues that we presently grapple with. LBS will promote increased networking and partnership between different stakeholders in the industry; create awareness about the opportunities and potentials in the multibillion dollar industry. It will also nurture the culture of buying ‘Made in Nigeria’ beauty products, while creating a movement of beauty enthusiasts that will do more for the sustainability of this industry.”

She mentioned that master classes and exhibition would be free for all and that industry experts would be on ground to speak to participants on how to profit from the beauty industry, network and share ideas.

“Well known brands like the House of Tara, BMPro, Zaron, would be presented deserving awards during the LBS. Foreign and lesser known beauty brands would be present to share from their wealth of knowledge, so we are encouraging everyone involved in this industry to come and participate. We will be bringing international, well known brands to partner and invest in our local businesses, so there is something for everyone,” Sedi reiterated.

Yomi Olaniwun, CEO of BB Buzz, added that during the LBS, food, drinks and entertainment from top music artistes would be available. There would also be an award session for distinguished industry experts, trade shows, industry legends roundtable and one-on-one sessions with beauty moguls. Speakers at the event would share their insight on the power of collaboration, consumer dynamics and how retailers are redefining the shopping experience.