Eunisell Educates Customers On Automotive, Transmission And Industrial Fluids


Eunisell Limited, Africa’s leading specialty fluids management company, organized a one-day technical training and seminar for lubricant additive customers, as part of its efforts to raise the participants’ technical awareness of the lubricant market to enable them have a better understanding of the link between engine design lubricant performance and knowledge of global trends in the downstream sector of the Oil & Gas industry. Currently in its 15th year, the event held at Renaissance Hotel, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos on Friday 22 September 2017 with the theme: “Advances and Trends in Automotive, Transmission, and Industrial Fluids.”

Eunisell Educates Customers On Automotive, Transmission And Industrial
L-R: Ramesh Hullur, CEO, Eunisell Ltd; Chika Ikenga, GMD, Eunisell Ltd; Charles Etuk, Chief Financial Officer, Eunisell Ltd; and Iain Fraser, CEO, Eunisell Ghana, at the ‘Advances and Trends in Automotive, Transmission, and Industrial Fluids’ seminar organised by Eunisell Ltd and Lubrizol South Africa at Renaissance Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos, on Friday 22 September

Speaking at the event, Ramesh Hullur, Chief Executive Officer at Eunisell Limited, said the training has been designed to help participants gain cutting-edge knowledge on trends and developments in the automotive, transmission and industrial fluids market. “This training is essential and is meant to bring together professionals who are into blending of lubricants and other petroleum and allied products in Nigeria, with a view to bringing them up to speed with industry developments and technological breakthroughs that have led to the advancement of additives and lubricants in other parts of the world,” he said, adding that the seminar creates a veritable platform to access the latest information on specialty fluids, thereby enhancing application expertise.

Iain Fraser, Chief Executive Officer of Eunisell International, who was also at the event, expressed the company’s determination to see Nigeria benefit from the development of the downstream sector while the participants are also empowered with quality knowledge. He said: “Nigeria must not be left out of the developments in the downstream sector; this is why we carry out such training for various organisations at no cost. We have done this every year for the past 15 years, empowering participants with the requisite knowledge to guarantee the production of top quality lubricants for automobiles and industries in Nigeria”.

Huller spoke on “Eunisell in Africa and ‘Industrial Gear Oils, Hydraulic Oils’” while Fraser spoke on “Base Oils and Viscosity Modifiers.” Franklin Oranusih, Chief Production Chemist at Eunisell Limited, spoke on “Automotive, Gear Oils and Automatic Transmission Fluids.”

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Eunisell has been supplying key products and solutions to a wide base of customers operating in Africa since 1996 and is a major supplier of oil fields chemicals such as demulsifiers, corrosion inhibitor, water clarifier and sludge breaker to local and international oil companies including Shell, Total, NPDC, Network E&P and Oando.