Domino’s Pizza Nigeria Promises 20 Minutes Pizza Delivery, Or Get Free Pizza Voucher

Domino’s Pizza Nigeria Promises 20 Minutes Pizza Delivery, Or Get Free Pizza Voucher

From left: Othman Sankari, Group Brand Director, Domino’s Pizza, Pat McMichael, Group Managing Director/CEO, Eat N’Go and Ilyas Kazeem, Group Marketing Director, Eat N’Go during the Domino’s Pizza Nigeria 20 minutes delivery guaranteed at Ikoyi Lagos on April 27,

Domino’s Pizza Nigeria, the largest pizza chain and fastest food delivery company in Nigeria today announced that it now delivers its pizzas under 20 minutes after order placement to its customers across the country! Prior to this, the pizza company has been known to deliver within 25 minutes and with this new promise of a faster delivery time in 20 minutes, customers will now be getting their orders faster and saving more time to do other things they enjoy.

Speaking during the event, Group Managing Director and CEO, Mr. Patrick McMichael said the new launch of the 20 minutes delivery guarantee is part of the company’s vision of bringing hot and fresh meals to millions of its customers nationwide. ‘’We are all about our customers, and ensuring they get their meals faster and in excellent quality means a lot to us.

Before this, we promised our pizza delivery in 25 minutes, and during this period we became the fastest pizza delivery market in the Domino’s global ecosystem, delivering within 16 minutes. This gave us the confidence to now promise our customers that they will get their pizzas within 20 minutes, and better still, they will get a free pizza if we fail to deliver on this promise,’’ said Patrick.

‘’This represents an exciting time for our company, in fact it is the most exciting thing I have done in my entire 33 years career with Domino’s pizza. We are redefining delivery processes and delivery times for the entire world. We are the only company in the world doing this, amidst all the challenges we face, and I cannot but be prouder of the entire Domino’s pizza Nigeria team in this great achievement’’ Pat added.

‘’We are all about driving innovation, being the best in the industry and driving customer satisfaction. We are the number 1 pizza company in Nigeria, and our vision is to always be relentless and get better every day at what we do. We are always pushing the limit, always driving improvement in our systems to increase our quality of service to our numerous customers’’ he further added.

The company has committed to driving innovation and making everyday life easier for its customers by investing in technologies and processes to continue driving ease of service, faster delivery times and ensuring consistent product quality. Ilyas Kazeem, Group Marketing Director, says the focus remains driving customer satisfaction via excellent service. ‘’It’s all about the customers at the end of the day, and we strive relentlessly to ensure we continue driving consistent excellent services to each of our customers. Our mantra is that success is not owned, but rented, and the rent is due every day. This drives us to ensure we review our processes constantly and continue driving improvement to make life easier for our customers’’, He said.

“Our customers expressed their satisfaction hugely; with the extra time they are saving in getting their pizzas faster than before. This is what we are all about, being the industry leader and driving happiness with every order of our freshly baked hot pizzas” Ilyas added. “

As we grow, and expand into more locations within the country, we will continue to improve our processes and offer superior services in the industry’’. Ilyas further added