DLM Asset Management Announces Techniques To Grow Cash And Finish Strong In 2023

DLM Asset Management Announces Techniques To Grow Cash And Finish Strong In 2023-marketingspace.com.ng
DLM Asset Management Announces Techniques To Grow Cash And Finish Strong In 2023-marketingspace.com.ng

DLM Asset Management Limited, a division of DLM Capital Group, held a Zoom webinar on financial literacy titled “Grow your Cash Flow and Finish Strong in 2023.” People from different parts of the world actively participated in the webinar. Oluwatosin Olaseinde, the founder and CEO of Money Africa, anchored the event.


The one-hour webinar covered critical issues affecting the Nigerian economy, such as the removal of fuel subsidies, the unification of naira policy, and the planned removal of energy subsidies. These discussed measures gave light on how the average Nigerian would be daily affected because of the increase in the pricing of goods and services, as well as the rising inflation.


The webinar highlighted the various wealth creation strategies that participants could adopt to thrive in a challenging economy.  The webinar also explained in greater detail how participants can implement these strategies to optimize its efficiency as they grow and sustain their wealth at these critical times. The importance of adopting the right lifestyle and expanding one’s income stream was emphasized.


Consequently, the Fixed Income Fund, which has an average yield of 15% was noted as one important investment product that investors and participate can leverage on to expand their income streams or cash flow. Also, the DLM High Interest Invest Plan (HIIP), which gives investors the opportunity to earn up to 19% interest was pointed out as a very important investment product that could help investors to achieve their money goals in 2023 without many hassles.


Furthermore, the importance of planning and budgeting was well explained by the panelists. And the use of the DLM Target Date Plan (TDP) to achieve short term, mid-term, and long-term goals was also discussed. Participants were also enlightened on the importance of having a dedicated wealth advisor and the need to rebalance their portfolios at these critical times.


Speaking on these strategies, George Aniegbunem, the Head of Asset management at DLM Asset Management Limited, enlightened attendees on the importance of financial discipline, planning, budgeting, and investing in challenging times. “Planning and budgeting are critical strategies for Nigerians right now, as the Nigerian economy remains volatile even as the new government begins to develop new policy frameworks that will enable them to deliver their campaign promises to the electorates. In fact, as new policies are developed and implemented, the best way to maintain stability in your personal finances is to plan every other day and keep your ears open to viable market information. This is because policies are critical factors that will determine how businesses and other economic activities will run. In all, keep investing to increase your cash flow.’’


Also highlighting and educating the participants on what they need to know about DLM Capital Group and its subsidiaries which include the DLM Advisory, DLM Trustees, Citihoms Finance Company, Sofri Digital Bank, DLM securities, DLM Asset Management, and DLM FX, the Head of Operations at DLM Capital Group, Kelechi took time to give enough information on DLM as a company.


She said, ‘three of DLM Capital Group’s operations are regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria, while the remaining four are supervised by the Security Exchange Commission (SEC),’ which means that we are well regulated and supervised by the appropriate regulatory authorities. Therefore, investors and prospective clients can be rest assured that their investments and transactions with us are safe and secure.’’