2017: Another Chance To Get It Right

2017: Another Chance To Get It Right-marketingspace.com.ng

It was 31st of December and the time to celebrate the end of a challenging year, and maybe set a new goal for the next 365 days. Tito sat drunk in a Surulere bar with his jolly friends, their tables filled with different kinds of alcoholic beverages. Each narrating the challenges the year had brought and how they survived it. The conversation drifted to making plans for the incoming year. Part of the plans for Tito was to drop-down his alcoholic consumption which had consistently drained his pocket. And bla bla bla.

New resolutions have been made, with plans to embrace new attitudes. The key challenge is following the resolutions to the end. About 60% of New Year resolutions are abandoned after 1-2 months, and another 20% after 3 months. Only a meagre percentage follow through to the end of the year. The key problem is our refusal or rather ignorance to create a solid roadmap on how to actualize the resolutions. Tito and friends never did that and there are possibilities that their resolutions might fail. They might just hit the bar again the following weekend.

However, Funke, my friend had an intriguing resolution; she wants a healthier lifestyle for herself and her family. Wow! As simple as it sounds; it requires a high level of hard work. That means sound body and sound mental health which would eventually trigger long life and prosperity.

‘Interesting! So what’s your strategy?’ I asked

‘My key strategy is pecadomo’.

‘Peca what?’

‘Pecadomo’ meaning Peak Can Do More!

Funke is a busy mum between 25-45; health-conscious, upwardly-mobile. She knows that ‘the family’s health is the mother’s scorecard’, and will do everything to keep her family healthy and happy. Funke lectured me that young and trendy mums all over the country are embracing the use of Peak Milk beyond the traditional bread and tea, and Peak Milk is now used to prepare traditional foods like eba, semo, amala, pounded yam, etal.

‘So why Peak and not other milk brands?’ I quizzed

‘Peak is an iconic brand of great quality and pedigree, nurturing generations since 1954 and produced under strict hygiene, the company adhering strictly by international policies’

‘Really?!’ I was impressed.

‘Yes’. Funke preached on. ‘And Pecadomo is a great strategy of meeting the nutritional needs of every family member as critical nutrients are situated at key gastronomic touchpoints. Its the right thing to do in this age when we hardly have time for decent meals’. She nailed it.

It’s a new year and another chance to get it right. A fresh start. A new chapter in life waiting to be written. New questions to be asked, embraced, and loved. Answers to be discovered and then lived in this transformative year of delight and self-discovery.

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For me, I have decided to innovate. Trying new things, learning, living, pushing myself, changing myself, changing our world; however to do that, there is need for stronger body and sharper mind; and Peak Milk is equipped to enhance my mental and physical performances; giving me sound mind and sound body.

A wholesome health for innovation!

‘A toast to a healthier 2017’. I raised my glass of Peak smoothie to Funke. ‘Its always in you’ she replied, smiling, and clicking my cup.