10th Anniversary: inDrive Celebrates Successes In Nigerian Ride-hailing Industry

10th Anniversary: inDrive Celebrates Successes In Nigerian Ride-hailing Industry-marketingspace.com.ng
10th Anniversary: inDrive Celebrates Successes In Nigerian Ride-hailing Industry-marketingspace.com.ng

inDrive, world acclaimed ride service provider celebrated its 10th anniversary, a triumphant moment for a company that has become synonymous with making an impact in the ride-hailing industry.

Speaking to journalists at an event to mark the anniversary in Lagos, Oladimeji Timothy, Business Development Representative, inDrive   reflected on the remarkable journey that had brought inDrive from its humble beginnings to becoming a global Unicorn.

Timothy said: ‘’It was an opportunity to express gratitude, especially to the media, whose relentless support had been instrumental in promoting the brand. People call us inDrive because of the stories you tell about us, the power of storytelling played a key role in shaping inDrive’s identity.’’

inDrive’s story started on June 23, 2013, when a group of innovative minds decided to challenge the injustice of inflated transportation costs. Their solution was simple yet groundbreaking: leverage technology to connect drivers with passengers, ensuring fair prices and fostering a sense of community.

This initiative sparked the inception of inDrive, formerly known as inDriver, in a University community where students came together to solve a real-world problem.

The company’s growth is commendable. By 2015, just two years after its inception, inDrive had expanded to 80 cities, amassing one million app installs. The momentum only accelerated from there. In 2017, they reached a significant milestone: 100 million rides completed and a team of 140 dedicated employees.

inDrive’s impact extended globally, reaching 131 cities by the end of 2017. In 2018, their expansion continued, spanning 14 countries and culminating in their arrival in Nigeria in April 2019. Lagos became one of their homes, followed by other cities like Abuja, Ibadan, PortHarcourt, Benin, Jos, Owerri, and Enugu. The rapid adoption of their services in Nigeria showcased the public’s eagerness for innovative solutions.

10th Anniversary: inDrive Celebrates Successes In Nigerian Ride-hailing Industry-marketingspace.com.ng
10th Anniversary: inDrive Celebrates Successes In Nigerian Ride-hailing Industry-marketingspace.com.ng

The challenges posed by the pandemic in 2020 did not deter inDrive; instead, they adapted to remote work and continued to thrive. By July of that year, they had 50 million downloads globally, a show of their resilience and the relevance of their services even in challenging times.

As the world recovered from the pandemic, inDrive’s growth soared. By December 2021, they were operating in more than 450 cities across 32 countries, with 900 employees and an impressive record of 550 million completed trips. In 2022, they solidified their position as the second most downloaded app in their sector, reaching 100 million app installs.

inDrive’s evolution was not just about numbers; it was about redefining their identity. In a rebranding effort, they transitioned from inDriver to inDrive, emphasizing the empowerment of pursuing inner drives through their solutions. This shift marked a profound commitment to creating an environment where both service providers and customers found satisfaction and fulfillment.

In Nigeria, their growth was particularly noteworthy, especially during critical moments like the fuel subsidy removal. The introduction of new verticals, such as freight and courier services, further diversified their offerings, catering to various needs in over 700 cities across 48 countries.

Looking ahead, inDrive remains steadfast in its commitment to challenging injustice. The brand’s ethos revolves around people, technology, fairness, and transparency. They have set the bar high by maintaining a low commission of 9.9% for drivers in Lagos and charging zero commission in other cities. Their freight option, allowing users to order vans based on their requirements, and courier services have also contributed significantly to their success.

As inDrive matches into the future, it focuses on innovation, with an emphasis on what determination, technology, and a people-driven approach can achieve. The next chapter in their journey promises not just growth, but a continued legacy of challenging injustice and empowering communities. inDrive’s story is fixed on resilience, adaptability, and steadfast dedication to driving change.