Dolait Yoghurt Debuts, Nutritionists Emphasize Health Value


In order to enhance the nutritional needs of Nigerians, Sotibe Nigeria has introduced into the Nigerian market, Dolait yoghurt, a non-preservative tasty yoghurt.

Dolait Yoghurt Debuts, Nutritionists Emphasize Health
L-R: Head Sales, Mr Tolu Adewunmi; Mr Olubunmi; General Manager, Mr Monah Chalabi; a nutritionist, Mr Austin

At the launch of Dolait yoghurt last week, nutritionists emphasized the product health value, stating it is rich in calcium, saturated fatty acid which helps in weight loss, aids quick digestion and many more.

One of the nutritionists, Mr Autine Anyanwu said the product is effective in high blood pressure management due to its potassium content and helps to regulate the mood.

Anyanwu said, “This product is heart friendly and good for the prevention of cancer that affects the large part of our intestine. It is also good for mood stabilization.”

The General Manager of the organization, Mr Monah Chalabi, said during the launch that Dolait is a natural and healthy yoghurt drink which had consistently served other African countries for years without compromising quality. He said that the company has a factory in Cotonou which serves the Benin Republic and Nigeria markets.

He said, “Dolait Yoghurt has been the favorite of Camerounians and some other African countries for 16 years, giving the yearning populace a healthy product with nutritional values. Our organization also has a factory in Cotonou, Benin Republic that serves both the Benin Republic community and the Nigeria market.

“Sotibe Nigeria Limited the manufacturer of Dolait yoghurt has existed in Nigeria since 2016 and we thought this is the right time to formally launch our tasty and nutritious product to the yearning people of Nigeria at a pocket friendly price.” he added.

Dolait yoghurt comes in sizes for consumers and variants such as vanilla, strawberry, mango, banana, pineapple and apricot.