The Scholarship Grant From LG Electronics Had Positive Impact In our Lives- Beneficiaries


Recently, the electronics giant, LG electronics continued its scholarship scheme, a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative which is in its fourth year with the sole aim of empowering young people as well as developing the educational sector, ensuring that youths who are the future leaders are adequately empowered with required funds and assistance to enable them achieve their dreams and aspirations. Here are the testimonies of the beneficiaries…


“When I heard that I had been selected as one of the 10 beneficiaries of the LG Scholarship Scheme to Engineering students, I was overjoyed. The scholarship grant from LG Electronics had a positive impact in my life; I used it basically to fund the course project I was working on at that material point in time, which was on Renewable Energy Powered Refrigerator”; and I must admit that the scheme supported me in expanding my robotics skills; the fund made it a lot easier for me to work on the project.

“Essentially, the LG UNILAG scholarship scheme comes up every year with an internship opportunity; I did my internship with LG Electronics and I really learnt a lot during my stay with them. I will urge LG to continue to drive the sustainability of this initiative. Other students can also benefit from this because I know it is open to the top five best students in the department with an internship opportunity in LG which I consider as a great privilege.”

That was how Ayeni Moses, a Mechanical Engineering student of the University of Lagos summed up the impact of  the LG Scholarship Scheme for Engineering Students. The top ranking student cannot stop talking about the impact of the scholarship scheme to his studies. “the scholarship from LG Electronics made a positive impact in my life, I was able to utilize it in the funding of my course project. It made a significant different in my studies.” He added.

For Olabiyi Samuel, a 25 year old graduate Systems Engineering graduate from the University of Lagos, the scholarship grant from LG Electronics could not have come at a better time as he was able to harness it in advancing his studies. When he learnt that he was selected for the grant he was so elated. For 2 consecutive years he made the list of awardees for the scholarship program.

His words: “I am privileged to be one of the beneficiaries of the LG scholarship scheme. A wonderful initiative, I must confess, which is based purely on merit. With it I was able to equip myself by acquiring more relevant training and materials that will be useful in my future endeavours; I was also able to get a laptop which I still make use of till date. This kind gesture spurred me to aim higher in life. For students who wish to enjoy this kind of privilege they must be ready to take their studies seriously and work very hard”.

In line with its drive to immensely contribute to raising the standard of education in Nigeria, LG Electronics has continued to create the enabling environment for students by giving grants to deserving students who have distinguished themselves among their peers, this is designed to promote healthy competition among students.

Another beneficiary, Akin-Adeniyi James said his joy knew no bounds as he was listed among the students to benefit from LG’s scholarship. in his words: “Personally as a student I was able to get several things needed for my studies, interestingly then, I was working on a course project at the time which required a lot of money which was not forthcoming not until the scholarship from LG Electronics; it was such a great relieve for me. That was actually my first scholarship because I came in through direct entry, so I have not really had any opportunity like that. The whole idea is a beautiful one as far as I am concerned; this goes a long way to show LG cares about students.

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Also commenting on the scholarship award, Anih John Tochukwu, a 500 level student of Systems Engineering Department, University of Lagos, said that as a student he has always believed in hard work knowing full well it pays. For him, gaining admission into the department was indeed a dream come true, as he had always wanted to be among the best students in his class. According to him, the scholarship was a reward for hard work which has immensely impacted him academics; on the whole, he commended LG Electronics for the unique initiative.

LG has clearly shown its understanding of the principles of establishing air conditioning training academics across the world. It went further to offer free classes and vocational training to professional in the industry; this has helped technicians to familiarize themselves with the products as well as stirring the lives of students. The knowledge acquired from these training help to create value in the community and improves LG’s perception in the global market as well as helps it serve its teeming customers better.

Kadiri Damilola a 500 level student of the department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Lagos, said the scholarship came at a time he was in dire need of money to finance a project he was working on; it helped to hasten the work on his project and expressed his appreciation to the electronics giant, LG Electronics.

The scholarship scheme which is in its fourth year is conducted annually by LG as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities with the sole aim of empowering young people as well as developing the educational sector, ensuring that youths who are the future leaders are adequately empowered with the required funds and assistance to enable them achieve their dreams and aspirations. LG Electronics’ partnership with the University of Lagos has been longstanding as the company has continually contributed to the growth and development of the university.

Life’s Good with LG” is more than just a slogan. LG is committed to engaging local communities to improve quality of life around the globe, and the company has participated in a number of campaigns to make its vision of the good life a reality through various innovative ways.

Interestingly, LG Electronics has an outstanding record when it comes to CSR activities in and around Nigeria. On the whole, the company is wholly committed to leaving a positive impact in the markets it enters. It believes in giving back to the communities it operates in and seeks to leave an indelible mark in the educational sector as through its CSR initiatives.