Xiaomi Donates The First Batch Of Surgical Masks To Nigeria In Aid Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

Xiaomi Donates The First Batch Of Surgical Masks To Nigeria In Aid Of The COVID-19 Pandemic-marketingspace.com.ng
L-R: Dotun Solanke, Chief Executive Officer, Mediatek; Habeeb Somoye, Marketing Director, Xiaomi Nigeria; Eng Noimat Salako-Oyedele, Deputy Governor, Ogun state; Gaya Samir, Senior Secretary, Xiaomi Nigeria and Abdulquadri Umar, Group Accountant, Xiaomi Nigeria at the donation of first Batch of Tens of thousands of Surgical Masks to Nigeria in aid of the Covid-19 pandemic by Xiaomi Nigeria to Ogun State Government.-marketingspace.com.ng

The first batch of several tens of thousands of surgical masks have arrived in Nigeria for Ogun State Government.

Overall, Xiaomi has donated medical supplies including over 1 million masks, thermometers, protective gowns and ventilators around the world to help contain the spread of the virus.

Xiaomi is helping counter the COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria by donating the first batch of several tens of thousands of surgical masks.

The supplies have now been received by Ogun State Government and will be distributed for use in coordination with the local authorities of the areas and health institutions in greatest need.

With this donation, Xiaomi hopes to contribute to Nigeria’s efforts in containing the spread of the virus.

On the pallets containing the donation supplies, Xiaomi attached the words of Nigerian playwright and poet Wole Soyinka: “Don’t take shadows too seriously. Reality is your only safety. Continue to reject illusion.” Supplies including surgical masks are in high demand in Nigeria.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control began the public health campaign “MASKUP” encouraging Nigerians to wear masks and adhere to preventive measures, after easing the lockdowns in Lagos, Ogun and Abuja.

This follows Xiaomi’s move of already donating medical supplies, including over 1 million masks, thermometers, protective gowns, and ventilators to various markets including Italy, Spain, France, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Brazil, Turkey, South Korea and Japan.

“In this humanitarian crisis that concerns the shared future of our humanity, it’s essential that we all work together. With so many countries and regions across the world struggling to get access to the appropriate protection to treat COVID-19 patients without putting themselves at risk, we felt alleviating this could be one way in which we play our part.

Xiaomi has set about both the sourcing of medical supplies and the distribution of them all over the world, specifically targeting the regions where Personal Protective Equipment is scarce,” said Shou ZiChew, President of International, Xiaomi.

“Although we are still very new in Nigeria, the public has been welcoming us with passion and warmth. We are honored to be able to return that gesture and offer our contribution for the benefit of local communities,” he added.