We’ll Drive Inclusive Leadership To Bring Rewarding Future To JCI Nigeria’ – Oluwatoyin Atanda, EVP, JCI Nigeria

We’ll Drive Inclusive Leadership To Bring Rewarding Future To JCI Nigeria’ – Oluwatoyin Atanda, EVP, JCI Nigeria-marketingspace.com.ng
Oluwatoyin Atanda, EVP, JCI Nigeria-marketingspace.com.ng

Executive Vice President, Junior Chamber International, Nigeria, Oluwatoyin Atanda has said that the southwest leadership of the organisation this year will ensure inclusive leadership with members, partners, and stakeholders of Junior Chamber International to bring more opportunities and rewarding future for them.

Oluwatoyin who is the Executive Vice President in charge of Southwest (Lagos, Oyo, Ogun, Ondo, Osun, Ekiti and Kwara) explained that the organisation seeks to uncover and deliver the values, vision, and mission of the organisation for a better and more rewarding future for members through meaningful leadership, membership, and partnership.

She reiterated that the organisation wants to build on its formidable operational structure for better efficiency and efficacy beyond physical outlook which is important to the theme of the year.

“As we go about 2022, it is my desire to increase human capacity and makes intentional self-development obvious with our members”.

For me and my team, we will walk away from the corridors of norms and status quo and movement towards actions relevant to the realities of our ever-changing world”, she said.

She further added that the year will journey through a series of value-driven programs and projects coupled with a series of diversified community development endeavours and communal activities that will strengthen social inter-relations, knowledge sharing, professional competence that will help members explore greater opportunities.

“It is with these sustainable and long-lasting impact frames that we will look forward at everything. It is a year with a focus on what we can achieve as one team with one direction, capitalizing on the potentials of our differences and the opportunities of our similarities”.

Oluwatoyin who said that all the lofty and brilliant ideas cannot be achieved without the support of the collegiate and local organisations’ presidents in the region, then called on them for their supports to drive all the initiatives together for collective growth.

“I look forward to the supports we will enjoy from all ends (also external stakeholders in the private and public sectors) as we begin this journey to set lasting landmarks that will transcend ages of history for the JCI Nigeria and Nigeria that we love”.

She said they will kick-start the year with the Area Council of Presidents (ACOPs) meeting and strategy session of Abeokuta on January 7th – 9th, 2022.

“The session is going to be very vital for our results in the rest of the year, as we draw up strategies and align plans to become workable”. Oluwatoyin explained.