Speed Limiter: Transporters Storm Purple Global To Beat FRSC Deadline

Speed Limiter: Transporters Storm Purple Global To Beat FRSC Deadline-marketingspace.com.ng
Mr. Rocheet Abbi, Director of Purple Global Services and Technologies Africa Limited-marketingspace.com.ng

Since the implementation of speed limiter on October 1, 2016 by the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), Transporters, both corporate private and public sector have been storming Purple Global Services & Technologies Africa, a company that specializes in technologies for efficiency and productivity, in a race to install the speed limiter devices in their vehicles.

Speaking to journalists at the Purple Global’s corporate office in Lagos, one of the company’s customers, Mr. Deepanjan Roy, Managing Director/CEO of a leading Beverage Company in West Africa, said “our company just got the supply of 500 devices from Purple Global and they are being installed at our premises. Not only because of the FRSC deadlines but also for the safety deliverables of the device for our vehicle assets, Employees and our customers. More especially now in this festive season as many people will travel and the roads are going to be busy.Purple devices have been demonstrated to us as having an edge over many other products even from other approved vendors, so we put reason to action in our choice”

On his part, Mr. Rocheet Abbi, Director of Purple Global Services and Technologies Africa Limited stressed the need for motorists to look beyond FRSC enforcement and its guiding policy on speed limiter. “Although the Commission has started the phased implementation for commercial vehicles since October 1, 2016 and will start impounding non-compliant vehicles from February 1, 2017, our advice to all motorists is to fit the device for their overall safety first. Speed is a highly reflex action, and can be enjoyable pressing the accelerator while forgetting every other thing, but what if something suddenly happens, then you are no longer in control”.

“With our speed limiter already fitted to the vehicle, the chances of a major incidence is not only reduced, but even if the accident happens, the impact is greatly reduced and lives can be saved. Going by the FRSC figures that over speediing contributes to over 60% of road traffic crashes, so we have a duty as a licensed company to help reduce the incidences. Beyond safety, our speed limiter devices can be added with the unique accessories that can help in monitoring accident incidence, if it ever happens. We can monitor where, how and what was primarily responsible for the accident with devices from Purple Global. In the near future, our company will be making these unique speed limiter devices in Nigeria so that a lot of foreign exchange can be saved, as well as help prices for our customers”, Mr. Abbi explained.

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Speed limiter devices have been introduced by the FRSC, as contained in the act establishing the Commission, as amended, since 2007. Starting with commercial vehicles, and vehicles used for commercial purposes, the speed limiting devices is aimed at controlling the spate of over speeding in Nigeria and its attendant incidences, many of them life threatening. It is to this end that Purple Global Services met all the criteria by the FRSC and other regulators to provide the speed limiter devices, installation and calibration to motorists. As a hybrid technologies services company, Purple Global is also a provider of telematics, dispatch services, intelligent tracking, Fleet management and Tower management software and related monitoring services.