Shoprite Nigeria Speaks Out Against Xenophobia

Shoprite Nigeria Speaks Out Against
Shoprite Nigeria Speaks Out Against

In the light of recent attacks on other Africans especially, Nigerians living in South Africa; Shoprite Nigeria in strong terms wishes to condemn any kind of xenophobic violence and intimidation against the citizens of other countries, anywhere in the world.

The retailer is highly concerned at the acts of violence against foreign nationals that sporadically flared up in South Africa and the resultant rhetoric of intolerance that is now being levelled against South Africans living in Nigeria.

As a reputable company with deep African roots who employs thousands of African nationals and most importantly works tirelessly to bring low prices to fourteen (14) countries outside of South Africa; we no doubt have excelled due to our peaceful co-existence and collaborations, hence we would like to see an end to xenophobia across the continent.

Shoprite Nigeria appeals to the general public of South Africa and Nigeria to protect the human dignity and safety of every person living in both countries.

We remain committed to working with and alongside industry as well as appropriate consumer groups to engage relevant stakeholders so that decisive actions are taken against those involved in violent crimes and intimidation against foreign nationals – in the same vein, convey our strong position against xenophobia.