Hollandia Evaporated Milk: The truly ‘’wazo’’ milk brand that connects with consumers


HollandiaAt a time like this when the Nigerian economy is facing different challenges, consumers are looking forward to a brand that truly connects and offer value for money. They are in search of a brand that offers lots of benefits to meet their demands based on limited purchasing power. In the market today, there are a variety of dairy products that position themselves as value adding brands but struggle to deliver on their promises or properly connect with consumers.

The reason being that some of these brands are largely seen as elitist brands and they have made numerous attempts to break the perception but still find it difficult to get the strategies right . While trying to get it right, a brand fast-tracked its efforts and took over the market space.

The brand, known as Hollandia Evap took time to win consumers’ confidence and stand out amongst other brands in the dairy category.  It made inroads into the Nigerian market and rightfully claims to be the real ‘’Wazo’’ milk for consumers.

Unlike other brands, Hollandia Evap earned its market leadership through innovation and modern technology which has enabled the brand to have more than double the market share of peak milk and others in Lagos alone. According to the A.C Nielsen Retail Audit Data report, in Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria, Hollandia Evaporated Milk has more than double the market share of Peak. (HEM 33.9%, Peak Regular 14.3%).

Its ‘’Pop Pour Throw pack’’ is a testimony of innovation which is a new frontier in small pouch sachet type pack which makes it possible for consumers who could not have earlier afforded an evaporated milk to enroll into the category at an affordable price.

Also, not too long after that a larger SKU known as “Pour Cap Keep pack” (215g) was introduced which highlights a huge innovation to consumers as the pack is convenient to use, hygienic and “re-sealable” after being opened.

The brand is now considered as the benchmark of quality and quantity. It is consumer focused value maximizing, and innovative. It is credited with better overall quality perception as compared to other brands in the evaporated milk category.


Hollandia Evap is positioned as the number one milk brand that offers hygiene with an innovative packaging that is driven by modern technology. Its aseptic packaging ensures that it comes with no preservatives. It is highly nutritious and offers quality, quantity and affordability to the consumers. In terms of quality, given its innovation in terms of packaging & product the brand is considered the quality benchmark in the Evap category. Whilst in terms of quantity, each format provides quantity benefits in these hard times. For example, the 215g pack offers 25% more than Peak Regular while the 65g offers 15g more than Peak Regular at same price.


The first in Nigeria to introduce consumer focused brand known as ‘’Wazo’’, a value maximizing brand. It is the number one Innovative brand with aseptic reseal-able cap packaging,


As the economy slows down and consumers faced with dwindling resources, Hollandia Evap’s offer of N50 for 65gram milk quantity when other brands have reduced quantity to 50g is commendable.