Ebbos Glorious Limited Launches 0.9kg Ofada Rice


Ebbos Glorious Limited, one of the country’s leading producers of variety of foods has launched new Ofada rice in line with government’s initiative of made in Nigeria goods.

Ebbos Glorious Limited Launches 0.9kg Ofada Rice-marketingspace.com.ng
Ebbos Ofada Rice-marketingspace.com.ng

Bosun Oyedele, managing director and chief executive officer of the company, while speaking in Lagos recently said that the company found it imperative to tap into government’s diversification policy of shifting away from a monolithic economy to an agrarian economy. Oyedele said that Ebbos Ofada Rice is free of stones and sands, and the company found it worthy to introduce it to the Nigeria populace after a thorough research into the health benefits of Ofada Rice.

He said, Ebbos Ofada Rice, “prevents illness including, Atherosclerosis, Ischemic Stroke, Diabeties, Obesity, excess weight and it also resists insulin in human body.”

He explained that percent daily values of Ofada Rice are based on a 2000 calories diet while individual daily values may be different depending on the calories requirements.

He added that Ebbos Ofada Rice which is in 0.9kg packs is available in shops across the country, and interested buyers and distributors can contact 08033466134, 08035022157 or send mail to info@ebbosgloriouslimited.com.

Ebbos Ofada Rice, a local delicacy predominantly produced in Nigeria is regarded as the best. It will be recalled that a research conducted by Dr (Mrs) Khadijah Alarape, the State Nutrition Officer of Oyo State Ministry of Health confirmed that Ofada Rice is a much healthier option than white rice.

According to her, “a wholegrain like Ofada Rice has three layers; the bran, germ and the endosperm. The bran contains most of the nutrients and when the wholegrain is processed to white or polished rice, majority of the nutrients, most especially in the bran are lost.”

Alarape further said that Ofada contains nutrients needed to fight colon and gall stones. Other reasons people should switch from white rice to Ofada Rice today include:

Having about two times the amount of magnesium and phosphorus; two and half times iron, three, four and 10 times more vitamin B3, B1 and B6, respectively and four times fibre than white rice.

The cellulose content of Ofada Rice increases the fibre content in our food. This is usually useful in the management of calorie intake for some health conditions like diabetes mellitus.

It is also useful in lowering cholesterol level, which safeguards against heart disease while the fibre also assists in preventing bowel disorders.

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Ofada Rice lowers Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL) and it is also useful in weight management. It has appreciable amount of selenium, which has been found to fight colon and breast cancers.

The insoluble fibre helps in reducing the risk of gall stones which is common in women.