Big Win For Lecturers, Coaches As Their Intellectual Assets Can Now Be Converted To Generational Wealth


they can set up personalized class space to upload and preserve academic contents to earn even while asleep

Big Win For Lecturers, Coaches As Their Intellectual Assets Can Now Be Converted To Generational part of effort to create a stable income and build a generational wealth for lecturers and other content creators through their intellectual assets, a technology solutions company, Mobile Classroom Limited has enhanced its Mobile Classroom App with more features to create wealth for lecturers and the likes across Africa.

The newly enhanced myClass on mobile classroom app allows lecturers, executive coaches, content creators and facilitators to create their own class, upload, preserve academic and intellectual contents which allows them to earn even while asleep and as well guarantee a generational wealth for their family after their life time.

The platform is said to avail the lecturers the opportunity of exporting their intellectual asset and teaching beyond the shore of the school where they lecture, as student of other institutions who desire a simplified and better teaching in a specific course or topic can choose to consume such from other lecturers. Equally, international students from other countries would have the reason to appreciate and value the stuff African lecturers are made of just the same way it has happened in the music industry.

According to the media manager of the project, Basit Sowole, the  initiative is designed to create wealth for lecturers and the likes. It allows them to have their own space, name after themselves and preserve their intellectual materials and assets through the application without having to pay. “It has happened in the music industry with Spotify, in movie industry with Netflix, Prime Video and Showmax, which has helped the players in the industry in their desire for fortune and comfort.  myClass on mobile classroom app is a game change for Lecturers’’, he said.

He explained that, ‘’This is where lecturers and other content creators can set up their own class space and allows to set up two different options of classes regular and premium thereby providing information like class name, class description, class focus/coverage and class owner image or identity. Under premium class, class owner determines price tag to their class while under regular class, a fixed priced has been fixed for all classes under the category.’’

He mentioned that, ‘’Once a class has been set up, it means you have created a class of your own, subsequently, you can go straight to update class with topics, upload materials to your classes in audio, video and Pdf document. Class material topics can be set in classes ahead, while uploading of audio, video or pdf document materials into each topic can be done later. Materials under a single topic can be a mix of different material formats.’’

‘’You can also set up your own partner account, where a partner referral ID code will be generated for you. For every class set up using your ID referral code, you earn from every subscription happening in such classes.

You can share your class link or you can ask people to share your class link among friends, while people can join your class through a click on the link. Subscribers to your class can initiate a whatsapp chat with you on your provided whatsapp number,’’ he added.

‘’Learners can join class by searching through class name or class focus. And, a learner has to click to join a class button. It takes the learner to a landing page where different options of classes available would be seen.

Regular, Premium can join class available on this page, is for you to indicate the category of class to join. Joined class is where the list of classes joined can be viewed. Search for the class by name, class focus or scroll. Then click on the class to view the materials in the class and as well subscribe’’, he said.

Myclass can be accessed through Mobile Classroom app and it can be downloaded from Playstore, Applestore or through the website:;