2 Million Solar Lamps Sold Today: Total Brings Energy To 10 Million People


As of today, Total has sold 2 million solar lamps worldwide, improving the lives of 10 million people. 90% of these lamps have been sold in Africa alone.

 2 Million Solar Lamps Sold Today: Total Brings Energy To 10 Million People-marketingspace.com.ng
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More than 1 billion people do not have access to electricity. To help remedy that, the Group launched in 2011 a line of photovoltaic solar lamps, to provide affordable access to energy for communities in emerging economies.

Designed for households that lack access to electricity, Total solar lamps supply affordable, reliable, clean energy. Some of the lamps can also be used to charge small electric devices such as phones. These solar lamps are a safer and better replacement for less effective and more expensive lighting methods like candles, disposable batteries and kerosene.

“Total intends to provide affordable, safe and clean energy to as many people as possible. And to do so, we strive to find innovative technological solutions, using a business model viable on a large scale,” explains Philippe Cabus, Managing director of Total Access to Energy. “We managed to reach these 2 millions lamps sold, thanks to the commitment of the teams in our local affiliates. Their dedication helps us to better reach the “last mile” and distribute these products to the customers.”

These solar products come from the “Total access to Energy” program*, and are built on the Group’s solar expertise and extensive presence in Africa via its wide retail network of over 4000 service stations. New last mile channels and retail models are being created with Total forming global partnerships with major development NGOs and local partnerships to reach the most remote areas.

About 90% of Total solar lamps customers’ say their lamp has significantly improved their daily lives. Total believes that better access to energy is a fundamental necessity which greatly impacts on access to education, communication, information, and the overall development of individuals and societies.

As an integral part of Total’s commitment to providing affordable, reliable, and clean energy, Total’s solar solutions are lighting homes mainly in Africa but also in South America and South East Asia, and are still evolving to meet the needs of millions of people who still do not have access to cleaner energy. The Group’s goal is to sell 5 million lamps by 2020 to improve the lives of 25 million people.