141 Worldwide Becomes Nitro 121, Promises Improved Creative, Digital Engagement For Clients

141 Worldwide Becomes Nitro 121, Promises Improved Creative, Digital Engagement For Clients-marketingspace.com.ng
141 Worldwide Becomes Nitro 121, Promises Improved Creative, Digital Engagement For Clients-marketingspace.com.ng

In an uncharacteristic manner of an integrated marketing communication agency in Nigeria, a Lagos based IMC agency, Nitro 121 marketing communication, formerly 141 Worldwide unveiled its new name and logo and promised a better digital, creative and engagement for the clients and stakeholders amidst spectacle and glitz in Lagos.

The launch witnessed in attendance clients from British American Tobacco Nigeria (BATN), GOtv, 9mobile and a host of others as the chairman of the agency, Mr. Lolu Akinwunmi welcomed guests to the expansive and colorful venue of the launch at the agency’s office in GRA – Ikeja, Lagos.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Lampe Omoyele, the Managing Director of the newly unveiled Nitro 121 said that, nothing was wrong with 141 worldwide brand.

But what they have done is on evolution and taking an opportunity to use a new name, a new identity to launch ourselves to higher height as a business.

According to Omoyele on the new offerings the revitalized agency is bringing to the market, he said, if you look at formula one, it speaks about high performance more than any other sport. It speaks about high performance, it speaks about the high level of team work so when a car and a driver comes to a pit stop, within a few seconds that car is pull up to perform  at the higher level than before  it got to the pit stop.

“Nitro 121 is a pit stop where brands and businesses come to and working with us their levels of performance improves. So, every brand and business that comes in touch with 121 to the pit stop that we would leave you performing better, “he said.

He stated that the 121 metaphor speaks about the higher level of connection with brands and consumers that has spoken to.

In motorsports, a pit stop is where a racing vehicle stops in the pits during a race for refuelling, new tyres, repairs, mechanical adjustments, a driver change, as a penalty, or any combination of the above.

On the reason the agency is changing its identity at this time, Omoyele said that “there is a high level of competition in the market place, the market is evolving and we cannot afford to be a dinosaur. What we are doing is thinking ahead of the scope, ahead of the market, so why other people are still thinking about what to do, we are moving ahead of the scope.”

On the innovation that is added to new identity, the managing director of Nitro 121 inform journalists that  the agency has deepened it digital offering by expanding the scope while recruiting some of the best hands in the industry.

“We bring to the table a new dimension of digital marketing, we have one of the strongest team and one of the best digital marketing personnel in the country, we are bringing  a new digital marketing strategy capabilities into the game. We have recruited in the past one year some of the best strategists; the average agency just speaks about creatives. No, we are starting from consumer hindsight and developing strategy,” he said.

Speaking on the issue of the agency love for numerical, the elated Omoyele said, everyone has the choice to be different because part of the game is being differentiated and these numerical has help the agency to be unique and differentiated.

Therefore, that is a choice that we have made and it helps us also to explain who we are in not too many words so to speak, we are in numerical,” he enthused. .

On whether the agency was not stepping down it creative prowess by dropping from 141 to 121, Lampe reiterated that, “think about it creatively and understand that we are creative agency. Think about it and don’t think about it as a mathematician. When you say 141, what does 141 means? 141 just mean. ‘I am one for one person’ but when we say 121, it is a greater level of connection that is what it is,” he said.

Some of the new and improved offerings from the agency include brand management, strategy development, creative development, digital marketing, media buying and planning, audiovisual production and experiential marketing.

Omoyele said, “Brand building is a favorite engagement at Nitro 121. We take pride in sculpting the brand to live out its essence and visions and inspire target audiences to go on a journey together. We undertake Brand building, Brand Authorship, Brand Architectures and Brand Toolkits.

On strategy development, the agency stated that some brands thrive on the rules and restrictions of their market and others veer off-course to stand out from the rest of the pack. We know how to navigate either of these categories with a Through-the-Line marketing approach that sees us gear-shifting from Above-the-line to Below-the-Line in a bid all so we can reach your target audience most effectively.

For creative development the managing director said “We ideate when we create. Developing themes and stories that draw from concepts around us. Ensuring that a simple story is exactly that – Simple. With simplicity we communicate a brand’s strategic vision, ensuring that at the heart of brand communication is the business of connecting people to goods and services.

Nitro 121, formerly 141 Worldwide, was set up in June 2005. In the last 13 years, the agency has established its position as one of Nigeria’s leading, award-winning agencies, with a diverse portfolio of local and international clients.

“The “121” in our name speaks not just to our one-to-one interaction with our clients but also our in-house interactions that isn’t hierarchical, but is instead, a friendly atmosphere where we do great work, while having a ton of fun,” he said.