Hollandia Yoghurt Introduces “Slurp It Off” – Healthy Snack Companion For Consumers


With consumers getting smarter and now opting for healthier beverage companions for their snacks, the Hollandia Yoghurt “Slurp it off” 315ml pack has been introduced into the Nigerian market to address this need. While the great taste of Hollandia Yoghurt “Slurp it off” ensures that consumers are able to enjoy their snacks, it also provides an effective way for them to fit extra nutrients into their diets.

Hollandia Yoghurt Introduces “Slurp It Off” - Healthy Snack Companion For Consumers-marketingspace.com.ng
Hollandia Yoghurt “Slurp it off”-marketingspace.com.ng

The Hollandia Yoghurt “Slurp it off” 315ml handy pack is designed to hold adequate quantity of yoghurt for an individual to enjoy with any snack. So whatever the setting, be it during an office meeting, at home or in a quick service restaurant, Hollandia Yoghurt “Slurp it off” comes in handy to enrich your snacking experience, and add nourishing goodness to the moment.

Mrs. Cynthia Balogun, a company secretary with Absolute Life Assurance said, “There is no doubt about the fact that busy executives like myself enjoy snacking whether in the office or at home, and we are daily confronted with beverage options to enjoy our snacks. Since I was introduced to Hollandia Yoghurt “Slurp it off” by a friend about a year ago, it has become my preferred snack companion because it is a healthy alternative and makes snacks more pleasurable with its rich taste and convenience.”

According to Kenneth Maduako, a brand executive with Brandplus Limited, it takes a lot of conviction for a brand to project itself as the ideal snack companion like Hollandia Yoghurt “Slurp it off’ has done.

“From its great taste which complements various snacks to its innovative packaging which offers convenience, the brand has subtly positioned itself in the minds of the consumer such that whenever snacks are mentioned, Hollandia Yoghurt “Slurp it off” readily comes to mind as the preferred beverage companion.”

Chi Limited’s Managing Director, Mr. Deepanjan Roy said, “We are satisfied with the positive feedback being received from consumers across the country. Hollandia Yoghurt “Slurp it off” has built an affinity with consumers who are health conscious, upwardly mobile and love to bring out the best in their snacks by savouring it with this great tasting yoghurt drink.”

Bursting with goodness inside and out, Hollandia Yoghurt “Slurp it off” is filled with healthy nutrition, nourishing vitamins, power of proteins, strength of calcium, and revitalizing energy. Hollandia Yoghurt “Slurp it off” is currently available in all locations across Nigeria, including Chi Shoppe, departmental stores and neighborhood shops.

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Hollandia Yoghurt is a low fat dairy product from Chi Limited. Made from a blend of yoghurt and fruits. Hollandia Yoghurt is available in 4 variants: Strawberry, Pineapple Coconut, Plain Sweetened, and Pure & Plain. The 315ml “Slurp it off” Packs are now available in the following variants – Plain Sweetened, Pure & Plain and Strawberry.