Dyque Pioneers Green Energy Solution For Africa

Dyque Pioneers Green Energy Solutions For Africa-marketingspace.com.ng
Dyque Pioneers Green Energy Solution For Africa-marketingspace.com.ng

Dyque, the world’s pioneer manufacturer of clean energy power solutions, has introduced Dyque Cube, a cutting-edge energy solution designed to give Nigerian households and small businesses access to sustainable power, at reduced costs, and with the promise of energy independence, and minimized carbon footprints.

Guests from across new and renewable energy and technology industries, and distinguished media partners, were present to witness the unveiling of Dyque Cube, the world’s first 5-in-1 AI powered energy solution.

Dyque Cube is a versatile energy system, compatible with diverse charging systems, including solar, ESS & EV charging, off-grid systems, etc.; offering users a simple, efficient, stackable and customisable energy solution to power homes and small businesses.

Speaking at the launch, Andy Yan Founder & CEO Dyque, stated that, ‘‘Our mission at Dyque is simple.  It is to accelerate the access of Nigerian homes and small businesses to inexpensive and sustainable power.   No more.  No less.   It is why we are particularly proud of our first of its kind E-Turbo energy optimization battery technology which runs on the efficiency of the best battery regardless of battery status or health, 5 layers of battery protection, cutting-edge V2X bi-directional charging capabilities, with 280ah capacity, long cycle life battery cell, 15 minutes installation time and 0ms switch over time (which protects your devices).   Our dedicated solution team will also provide 360-support for all customers to ensure optimal service delivery. With these features, Dyque Cube promises to add comfort and quality to life in the Nigerian home and small business.’’

He added that, ‘’Dyque is more than a brand.  It is a commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. We aim to redefine the way you experience energy – combining functionality with stunning design and customizable features. With our Dyque Energy App, powered by AI, we empower you to take control of your energy consumption and maximise savings.’’

In recognition that Dyque Cube is more than a technology masterpiece, the product’s sleek and stunning design has won diverse prestigious green and technology awards for enhancing user spaces, including with customizable ambient lighting.  Dyque Cube has won the Red Dot Design Award and the IF Design Award (Germany), and the International Design Excellence Awards (US).

With this Nigerian launch, Dyque reaffirms its commitment to providing quality, innovative, peerless after-purchase services and forward leading power solutions for both residential and commercial users across Africa.

To learn more information about Dyque, visit Dyque.com or follow @dyque on social media.