About us

MARKETINGSPACE is a brand, marketing and advertising platform with the vision to celebrate brands that have carved a niche for themselves in the market place.

It is established to keep regular tabs on global developments in all sectors of the economy as well as keep various stakeholders abreast of information in the marketing communications industry and to ensure that consumers are adequately informed about the state of various brands and services.

Additionally, MARKETINGSPACE comes in a full colour and glossy bi-monthly magazine which offers incisive intelligent market reports and relevant marketing information to brand owners, and other relevant stakeholders.

Our print run per edition is 5,000 copies. These copies are supplied to our subscribers across the country. The subscribers cut across various sectors of the nation’s economy.

In addition, copies of the magazine are placed at strategic locations in major cities. You could also find it at high-brow bookshops, shopping malls, five star hotels, airports and with major newspaper agents and distributors.