WHD: How Mojec’s Strides In Energy Sector Are Alleviating Climate Change

WHD: How Mojec’s Strides In Energy Sector Are Alleviating Climate Change-marketingspace.com.ng
WHD: How Mojec’s Strides In Energy Sector Are Alleviating Climate Change-marketingspace.com.ng

The United Nations (UN) set aside August 19 as World Humanitarian Day (WHD), a global holiday to honour individuals actively involved in humanitarian efforts and those who have lost their lives doing so.

The WHD acknowledges the contributions of those devoted to alleviating the challenges confronting the human race. The theme of this year’s celebration #TheHumanRace is deemed apt in several quarters because it touches on the goal of commemorating the global call for climate action.

It is common knowledge that temperature and weather patterns have shifted over time as a result of climate change. This worrisome situation is attributable to human activities, such as the use of fossil fuels, the production of oil and gas, and energy consumption patterns. These activities emit greenhouse gases, which trap the sun’s heat and raise temperatures.

Amidst this global challenge, MOJEC International Ltd., the leading indigenous meter manufacturer in Sub-Saharan Africa came up with the vision of providing power solutions distinguished by innovation and superior service delivery in order to mitigate the challenges of climate change. This is founded on the company’s drive to build a world of possibilities and improve society.

This worthy cause of championing clean energy for a sustainable environment is being driven at MOJEC through its sister company, Virtutis Solaris Limited. Interestingly, this happens to be one of the objectives of this year’s WHD celebrations.

On the foray into renewable energy, Group Managing Director, MOJEC International, Chantelle Abdul disclosed that “With this, the company aims to draw from the abundance of solar energy in Africa to power homes, offices, industries, cars, and, the nation, while preserving the environment.”

According to her, being strategic about this has seen the company set a target of providing uninterrupted power supply to Africans by availing them of renewable and smart energy solutions.

She said, “The objective is to offer clients smart home solutions, which include automation, energy measurement, and energy management.”

She explained that her company has a technology that enables customers to remotely switch appliances in their homes, on or off, in a bid to manage their energy consumption.

“Virtutis Solaris intends to deploy solutions nationwide,” Abdul added. She also pointed out that, “We are involved in building embedded mini-grids for large commercial, industrial, and utility customers. Our company provides last-mile renewable energy for residential, industrial, and utility-scale clients as well as the supply and installation of energy storage equipment and other related services.”

Abdul asserted that the company has left no stone unturned in mitigating the problem of unreliable power supply in Nigeria and the continent by providing clean sustainable energy to end-users. It does this by harnessing the power of the sun and the grid thereby eliminating the dependency on diesel and generating sets – two major sources of greenhouse gases in Nigeria and Africa. Another area of great impact is the elimination of noise pollution, often associated with nonrenewable sources of energy, particularly power-generating machines.

Abdul also averred that, with the use of renewable natural resources, combined with efficient supply and use of fossil fuels with cleaner technologies, the company helps in reducing the environmental impact of the energy from other sources.

Another significant area of impact, “is in the 87 per cent variation in carbon dioxide emission, which causes deforestation and dangerous impacts on the human health and the environment, which resort to renewable energy mitigates,” the GMD pointed out.

The totality of MOJEC’s renewable energy strategy and business activities ensure a reduction in emission of greenhouse gases, in sync with this year’s celebration theme, #TheHumanRace.