Total Nigeria Commissions Newly Reconstructed Blocks Of Classrooms In Ibafon Community


The value of Education is very pertinent to the development of a society as it provides sustainable contribution to both the economic and social growth of the people. In order to live up to its commitment to the sustainable development of its host communities, Total Nigeria Plc commissioned and handed over to the Ibafon Community, two newly reconstructed blocks of classrooms at Ibafon Primary School, Apapa in Lagos. The company also furnished each of the classrooms with desks and chairs as well as provided them with magnetic boards, fans and electric fittings.

Total Nigeria Commissions Newly Reconstructed Blocks  Of Classrooms In Ibafon
Blocks Of Classrooms In Ibafon

Access to Education is one of Total Nigeria Plc’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) pillars.  In implementing these policies, the company adopts global societal approach to CSR which is targeted at building strong relationships with stakeholders through structured and constructive dialogue, and addressing identified need areas from shared perspectives.  The realization of this project is as a result of effective stakeholder interactions between the community, the school and Total.  Consultations were made with all stakeholders including the SUBEB and the school authorities to ensure that the project is worth the while for the community.

Speaking at the commissioning of the new blocks of classrooms, the Managing Director, Total Nigeria Plc, Jean-Philippe Torres stated that “in 2016 during Total’s CSR community intervention on Malaria, the Baale of the community brought to our attention, the dilapidated nature of these two classroom blocks. Total being guided by the societal approach and based on mutual respect, listening and dialogue, decided to intervene. We believe that the renovation of these blocks of classrooms will ease overcrowding of pupils and assist in providing a better learning experience”.

Cumulative community actions over the years will ensure an economically viable society, a sustainable environment with a crop of educated population that guarantees a brighter tomorrow for our future leaders and indeed the community at large.