TINK Africa Holds Maiden Edition Of Food Trend Meet Up


It was a gathering of thought leaders in the food industry, experts, bloggers, cooks, chefs, foodies, food enthusiasts, foodpreneurs and anyone who eats at the Food Meetup themed “The Future of Food in Africa” which was organised by TINK Africa, a trends intelligence brand on Saturday, May 27, 2017 at the TINK Space in Ogudu, Lagos.

TINK Africa Holds Maiden Edition Of Food Trend Meet Up-marketingspace.com.ng
TINK Africa-marketingspace.com.ng

This event is the maiden edition of TINK Africa’s monthly trend theme which will focus on the different sectors of the economy for each month.

This chop and chat session included a panel of discussion session where these influencers, experts and anyone in the food business gathered to talk about the future of food in the continent. These contributors included the likes of Ozoz Sokoh, Food blogger and founder, Kitchen Butterfly, Tunde Badmus, CEO Food Africana, Stella Naiye, Founder Chillis Kitchen, Itorro Effiong-Bright, Founder Ibom Soups, with representatives of Naija Butcher, Café Neo, Splash Greens among others.

Meme Osuocha, Business Experience Manager, TINK Africa said that it is important that we know where we are coming from and where we are headed especially as it concerns the food industry. This event is important especially to those in the business of food because at the end of the event a report will be collated and made available for them to be guided as to where the food industry is headed. The smart ones should be able to key into these trends and use them to improve their businesses.

Tunde Badmus Founder, Food Africana commented that their brand would continue to export local content. “People who are not in the continent should enjoy indigenous cuisines.” He says.

Ozoz Sokoh, Founder Kitchen Butterfly who commented on how much the culture of food has changed in Nigeria said there is more outside of the home eating habit and more focus on indigenous cuisines thanks to social media who has helped more Nigerians embrace more indigenous dishes.

For Itoro Effiong-Bright, Founder Ibom Soups, food is becoming more than just from mouth to stomach, it will get to be a unifying factor in the sense that a lady from one culture learns how to make delicacy of another culture because she likes it.

In an appeal to food bloggers Ozoz said that good food media will help the perception of food both home abroad. These bloggers and media should write and present our local dishes in such a way that it looks visually appealing because now people eat first with their eyes.

As regards making other cultures aware of the Nigerian food, Kunle Shokunbi, Founder Naija Butcher urged indigenous chefs to travel to other countries to showcase our foods because food tourism will help get Nigerian food recognised overseas.

In a closing remark Meme charged entrepreneurs to study trends in whatever industry they find themselves in as trends show a little of the future.

The general from all in attendance was for the Government to look into and invest in the food industry.

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To cap the trend meet up, TINK Africa will be producing a comprehensive Food Trend Report for the year 2017 with focus on Nigeria and the continent Africa. This report promises to take you through an exploration of man’s number one need and will cover every length and breadth of food, from planting to harvest, processing, packaging, preservation, sale and delivery. It will be made available and can be downloaded for free on www.tinkafrica.ng