How Nigerian Bloggers can get more subscribers on Youtube

How Nigerian Bloggers can get more subscribers on, a free video streaming platform owned by Google, is currently the leading platform for Video blogging and Video content marketing in the Nigeria. With over a million unique users per month, is a platform considered by everyone on the look for online marketing and publicity with hope for benefits in the near future.

Hitting a milestone with your videos on can be very satisfying; however, very few people actually get the satisfaction as getting subscribers could be a difficult task. Truth is, there are a lot of factors that determine how many subscribers you can get on YouTube. To help you increase the number of views and subscribers your channel gets and ultimately allow you to build a stronger presence on the platform, Jumia Travel, Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking portal shares 5 tips.

Keep your videos consistently good and frequent

Anyone can just make a short video and post it on What sets yours apart? Your videos must be characterized by high quality and value. They also must be posted frequently so that your viewers can always have something to look forward to. If you stick to a schedule, that is even better. The more videos you have, the more they pop up as search results, the more popular your channel will become. Note however that posting too many videos every week can clog up your channel and make it hard for viewers to find what they are looking for.

Optimize your content

Just as it is with print blogs, you need to optimize the content on you YouTube. Ensure you optimize the keyword applications of the title and description of your video. You can even go a step further by reviewing and optimizing your channel’s name and page as well. Check the featured tags on broadcasts that are most liked in your genre and compare them with yours, are yours properly phrased? Also look out for the keywords that your prospective viewers are using in their searches. Hitting the correct keywords is particularly important with regards to the title of your videos which should also be catchy. Do not fill the description with keyword lists (a feature of the most terrible videos) as such spam tactics will definitely cost you.

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Use annotations

Annotations are those links that pop up at specific points (as determined by the timestamp) while a video is playing. Although annotations can be annoying, but they can be a content creator’s dream as they can use them to increase their audience by following these techniques: Call to action (inserting a sticky note on the video that implores people to subscribe to your channel), Spotlight annotation (creating a clickable annotation on the video itself that drives people to a landing or product page) and Link to other videos (Annotations that allow you to link to related videos, whether they are yours or not). Annotation may seem like extra work, but it drives subscription rate. However fantastic a tool they may be though, annotations should be utilized sparingly and chiefly for call-to-action links. The more they are utilized, the greater the possibility of users switching them off completely as viewers can go into the video player menu screen and turn them off.

Offer an incentive

Nigerians are certainly moved by incentive. Launch an incentive that would entice users to subscribe. Ensure that you publicize your present follower count is and the count (which should be practical) that you are aiming while you are at it. Once you have done that, make a plan on what to do after the aim/goal is attained. It could be to deliver more content and on a regular basis, launching a special video, or offering a gift to a lucky subscriber .Whatever it is, you can encourage this kind of contest on other social media channels for additional benefit. In no time, you will have subscribers and followers.

Add a YouTube widget

If your channel is not getting a lot of traffic, you will easily be able to get more subscribers with a YouTube widget. It however only works if you also have a blog or website. A widget allows visitors to subscribe to your channel without necessarily leaving your blog or website. Basically, it let you kill two birds with one stone.