mediaReach OMD: Blazing The Trail With Creativity, Strategy & Technology

mediaReach OMD: Trailing The Blaze With Creativity, Strategy &

Established over two decades ago, today, mediaReach OMD is one of the largest agencies in Central and West Africa engaged in media planning and buying. Since inception, the media buying agency has constantly used creativity, strategy and technology to deliver value to its clients.

In Nigeria, the company has set a standard with a perfect understanding of local market and its clients have continued to enjoy good national coverage. Also, mediaReach OMD has consistently ranked No. 1 by RECMA (since the global ranking report started for Nigeria in 2011). In West & Central Africa, mediaReach OMD has continued to be a thought leader and pioneer of various initiatives at the industry level, including syndicated and proprietary research.

It is the hub for the region and has been a member of the OMD Worldwide Network since 2001. The specialist media agency provides media planning, buying and control; and Inventory management services.

It has presence in Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon. In its quest to cover the Francophone region, the company went into a strategic partnership with the Harmonies Group, which has operations in Ivory Coast, Senegal, Togo and Benin Republic. This partnership of seven offices has provided mediaReach OMD presence across 20 countries in West and Central Africa, giving an unrivalled coverage to Advertisers in the region.

The reputation of mediaReach OMD as a market pioneer in the region is longstanding. clients enjoy the strategic advantage of the agency’s people-based precision marketing platform – OMNI and OMD’s global strategic process – OMD DESIGN. These are geared towards consistently delivering measurable value for clients.

In 2021, the agency partnered with the prestigious Lagos Business School to host a seminar tagged – Top Media Trends to Watch For in 2022. The goal was to equip professionals with insights for planning post COVID.

mediaReach OMD: Trailing The Blaze With Creativity, Strategy & Technology-marketingspace.commediaReach OMD is the only truly globally integrated media independent agency in the region. The company leverages global resources to deliver locally relevant solutions that put its clients ahead. It remains the largest buying network and the most transparent agency in the region.

In the area of disruption, the agency is not left out. For instance, the company knows that media buying allows practitioners to more efficiently manage client advertising inventory by purchasing media in real-time based on factors like keywords, audience location, current ratings, and audience demographics.

The agency has a full picture of the media space they have acquired for their clients and can handle the creation of each ad campaign efficiently with the aid of technology. With the adoption of programmatic advertising, the agency has complete control of their clients’ advertising spending. They can bid on ad placements in real-time through instant auctions.

Through programmatic advertising, mediaReach OMD plan media buying in a more proactive manner by determining the best time and platforms for client campaigns. They acquire inventory across a range of platforms, such as mobile, desktop, or tablet, and formats, such as display and video, using programmatic media buying. They buy advertising space depending on where their target audience is most likely to be at a given time. As a result of such precision targeting, higher quality leads are generated.

In terms of analytics prowess, the agency has the capacity of a 360-degree view of all client campaigns in one place. This allows the company to adjust accordingly in real-time to increase performance success. They can reduce the risk of campaigns failing for clients by tracking performance in real time. They can monitor performance changes and react promptly to negative ones.

mediaReach OMD: Blazing The Trail With Creativity, Strategy & Technology
mediaReach OMD: Blazing The Trail With Creativity, Strategy & Technology

In fact, OMD Nigeria has bespoke products like the Media Facts Book and the use of global tools like OMNI, OMD Design etc. The mediafacts is an annual book, published since 2001, and has become a point of reference on media information in West and Central Africa. It focuses on providing in-depth media overview, covering media consumption, ranking of broadcast stations and publications, media investment trends, top categories and advertisers, as well as demographic understanding of consumers. It also offers vital information and statistics about markets in terms of key facts and economic indicators, among other attributes.

As part of the regional development programme, OMD joined forces with Facebook to launch an e-learning initiative in Europe, Middle East and Africa, EMEA.

OMD is the first agency globally to launch an initiative at such scale, placing an importance on inspiring teams as to how to fully leverage Facebook’s growing product portfolio to drive greater results for their clients. This initiative is part of OMD’s strategy across the region which is focused on moving the company from a reliance on purely ‘transactional media’ to delivering ‘marketing performance’ for their clients.

The programme entitled, ‘OMD Facebook Challenge,’ was a learning path within Facebook Blueprint programme spread over two months, offering three levels of product immersion (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced).

The programme was designed to further accelerate OMD’s delivery of innovative solutions via the Facebook and Instagram platforms and drive further beta tests both locally and regionally.

mediaReach OMD: Blazing The Trail With Creativity, Strategy & Technology
mediaReach OMD: Blazing The Trail With Creativity, Strategy & Technology

It is worthy of note that, the agency has won several awards, including The Global Media Advertising Company in 2003; The Effectiveness Award, MMG 2020, silver; Bravery Awards 2020 at the Festival Media Global Awards, silver & bronze for use of media at Pitcher Awards 2020, won Gold for PR and Reputation Management, Pitcher Awards 2020 and also became the 1st Media agency to win both ‘highly & commended’ at prestigious global awards. It has also won The Adweek Global Media Agency Award seven times; in 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2019 and 2020.

mediaReach OMD’s awards and recognitions also include Most Medaled Media Network, Cannes Lions Festival of Creative 2018 and Media Network of the Year, Cannes Lions Festival of Creatively 2017.

Advertising Age Media Agency Awards in 2011, 2009, 2005 and in 2002. Media Reach handles quite a number of juicy and high profile accounts.

According to Nitinchandra Nandekar, Managing Director/CEO of mediaReach OMD, the drive and passion built around the agency bring winning in the West and Central Africa region. He said, “Our clients are core element of what pushes the team because the success of the clients is mediaReach OMD’s success.

He added that, ”There is a very strong connection between the team and the clients to ensure we deliver on our promise. There is also a sense of pride and responsibility that comes with being a part of the best team in the industry.”

In true mediaReach OMD fashion, the agency has retained the number one media agency position in Nigeria with more major awards on its shelf. The agency snagged 13 trophies at the 2022 Pitchers Award.

mediaReach OMD: Trailing The Blaze With Creativity, Strategy & Technology-marketingspace.comThese include two gold, four silver and 11 bronze medals which the agency won across various categories. OMD Worldwide was awarded Media Network of the Year 2022 at this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity while Team OMD Nigeria’s entry for the Global Young Lions Media Competition 2022 was shortlisted top 6 for the first time.

Maintaining the winning streak, OMD Nigeria also dominated the 2022 Young Lions Media Competition in Nigeria by earning the first and third positions. The competition is open to young media professionals under 30 years across the industry – for an opportunity to represent Nigeria at the annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Staff representatives for OMD Nigeria, Motolani Olusile and Ezinne Eze retained the titles for the second year in a row; and in June, the winning team represented Nigeria at the 2022 Cannes Festival in France.

The win was expected as mediaReach OMD has consistently won the Young Lions Media Competition in Nigeria. It should be recalled that in June 2019, the OMD Network was awarded the Most Medalled Media Network at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

Every day, more media buying agencies discover the benefits of media buying technology. As the digital world continues to transform how the business of media planning and media buying is done, to remain at the top, mediaRach OMD will need to take the next step and begin integrating the latest cutting-edge technology into its operations.

mediaReach OMD: Blazing The Trail With Creativity, Strategy & Technology
mediaReach OMD: Blazing The Trail With Creativity, Strategy & Technology