Euro Global Parleys Cognac Brandy Lovers with St. Almanac


Euro Global Parleys Cognac Brandy Lovers with St. Almanac Global Foods and Distilleries Limited, maker of the Amphora wines, Julius Tonic wine and the popular Sabrina Gin, has introduced St. Almanac Blended Cognac Brandy into the Nigerian market. The product is a luxurious Brandy, blended with finest imported cognac, matured in wooden casks along with grape brandy made from handpicked grapes.

Describing the new cognac, Manish Uniyal, Managing Director Euro Global Foods and Distilleries, said “St. Almanac is a premium drink that celebrates the age long tradition of quality cognac. It was carefully crafted and blended to give a distinctive taste that pairs well local and foreign cuisines. We are thrilled to offer this luxury blend to discerning consumers who appreciate quality.

“St. Almanac represents our desire to provide quality to products to all class of Nigerians. We have quite a number of drinks for everyone for all occasions. These range from soft drinks to wines and spirits. With St. Almanac we have bridged the gap between Nigeria made brandy and the imported ones. The grapes used for this brandy are some of the finest hand-picked grapes from Europe. We are proud to say St. Almanac is much better than some of the products currently being imported.” said Mr. Felix Aighobahi, Sales Director, Euro Global Foods and Distilleries

Packaged in a beautiful designed pack and bottle that underscores the premium quality spirit it contains, St. Almanac is already in selected stores and supermarkets with the nationwide rollout expected to be in mid-August.