Double Cheesy Chills With The Domino’s Pizza Online Buy One Get One Free Promo

Double Cheesy Chills With The Domino’s Pizza Online Buy One Get One Free
Double Cheesy Chills With The Domino’s Pizza Online Buy One Get One Free

Staying chilled is still the goal all through August as Domino’s Pizza is excited to go with you all the way with your number one Pizza brand. You are now covered and locked in throughout August offers including another exciting awoof promo.

Let’s tell you about it: Ever heard of two pizzas for the price of one? Well, that’s the incredible offer Domino’s Pizza is offering you from 15th till 18th of August & 22nd till 25th August; you get AMAZING SAVINGS when you buy one medium classic pizza and get another one free when you order online! Isn’t that exciting? Check it you buy any of these tasty flavours ONLINE: BBQ Chicken, BBQ Beef, Smoked Sausage, Pepperoni, Veggie Supreme, Chicken Supreme or Chickenpie, and you get any one of these awesome flavours for FREE! Perfect for your special occasions, hang outs with your friends, or that end of the day hang out with your colleagues, a good opportunity to take a break from the kitchen and pamper yourself.

The best part of this deal is you can have it delivered to you for FREE in 20mins! That’s right, all you need to do is sit back, order via their mobile app or website via and you wait for the delivery in 20mins, or you get a FREE pizza voucher. The ONLINE BUY ONE GET ONE FREE is yet to satisfy that Pizza craving, you say? Well, you can always top it up with the All-Day Everyday Value Range deal, for just shikini money you can enjoy up to 7 different Pizza flavours: Smokey Sausage, Chickenpie, Cheese, Fiery Chick, Fiery Beef, Plantain Suya or Meatball with a drink for just N2500 ONLY.

You can also get this affordable deal in any of their outlets and website Hurry to place an order and get it delivered to you in a blink. So, pick up your phone and order quickly online and share with your friends, loved ones or that special person, this August. Now imagine the sensation of drawing a well-cut-out slice of pizza and having to gaze at the drawing cheese, the smell of the chilli green pepper and tasty pepper chicken all mixed up with love from Domino’s Pizza.

Now you know with Domino’s Pizza there is always a lot to go around for everybody. Take a break from work and the extra stress and have a slice of pizza today!!!

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