Dettol Partners NMA to Promote Healthy Living


dettol-logo-jpgAs part of efforts to curb the spread of diseases in the country, Dettol, global leader in health and hygiene products has joined force with the Nigerian Medical Association to promote a healthy lifestyle among Nigerians

At the 56th national conference of NMA where the partnership was announced, the   firm also advocated for improved healthcare service delivery which will help to keep the country’s economy on the right track as a result of sound and healthy work force.

Clinical Microbiologist in Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Dr. R. Oladele, pointed  out that Nigeria  losses about N455 billion annually which was about 1.3% of her GDP to poor hygiene practices.

She observed that the productivity loss was majorly from the household and affected the living standard of the people.

“Poor hygiene conditions give room for infections which results in sickness and diseases leading to loss of valuable productive time and other resources”, she said.

As a way forward, she called for the practices that would promote an infection free society such as handwashing, cough etiquette, vaccinations, infection control, regular disinfection of topical and environmental surfaces  and other prevention programs.

Marketing Director Dettol West Africa, Oguzhan Silivrili noted that the brand would continue to join hands with relevant bodies like NMA to fight and control spread diseases  and ultimately, sponsor programmes that would promote a healthy living in the society.