Corporates Involvement In Community Development By Mojisola Saka

Corporates Involvement In Community Development By Mojisola
Mojisola Saka –

Surely, there is a general agreement that “doing good is good for business” just as  “looking good is good for business”. In our field of practice…we say Perception is everything and indeed Perception drives reputation hence the need to protect and jealously guard ones reputation either as an individual or corporate.

Little wonder as the day goes by, organizations and individuals continually make concerted efforts at deliberately managing public perception. Hence, they undertake initiatives that enable positive acknowledgement. Corporates organizations overtime have on-boarded practices as a form of social responsibility in effectively guarding their reputation. These initiatives also known as Corporate social responsibilities (CSR) are strategies guiding corporations or firms conduct of their business within ethical, society friendly dictates which are beneficial to community in terms of development.

The involvement of Corporates in community development have continually been on the rise in recent past and infact are mostly geared at supporting causes for social impact or growth stemming from the recognition of the power and strength of emotional connection driven by social impact currency.

The involvement of Corporates in community development no doubt leaves the associated organizations with immense value and benefits. These benefits can broadly be classified thus:

  1. For the Business: Its sustainability is assured as there would be a huge deposit of goodwill to tap. The goodwill is a derivative of investments through impactful initiatives undertaken within or around its operative community. The greater the investment(s), the more the goodwill from such investments including the certainty of acceptance, trial and sustained patronage…a sure case of business sustainability
  2. Internal (Employee Matters): Organizations known for community development involvements become the “bride” of every potential or existing employee. There is a general sense of “feel good, look good associated with doing good”. Such entities are able to attract the best human resources available. There is a rub off on the attitude and team spirit as well. No doubt such organizations are also able to retain resources just as it allows for diverse acquisition of skills. These skills improve their individual lives and influence an unprecedented height of performance at the workplace. In other words, Corporates involvement initiatives like volunteerism endears an enviable level make of positive employee attitude and behavior from recruitment, teamwork, morale, engagement, retention and performance…best of all, these initiatives can produce amazing real-life stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things to impact their communities.
  3. External stakeholder attitudes and behaviors: perception is positive and reputation is shored. It impacts on sales performance, investor actions and other external stakeholder reactions

Again, when the host community thrives surely the business in such environment thrives. Beyond the value to corporate sustenance, it is important that Corporates drive a greater sense of responsibility, commitment and involvement towards Community development. It must be seen as a non-negotiable, non-compromising ethos that leave all as Winners and Gainers for continued prosperity

At Soulcomms, we support several causes…the Special Olympics of Nigeria, Leap Africa and even the NESG by committing our expert resources amongst other things. Why so? We are a critical stakeholder for growth and community development…we take a charge of responsibility on this and ask that others do so for our Lagos! Ultimately, we hope that Corporate Organizations see themselves as part of the space and demonstrate a sense of responsibility by touching lives”

Speech presented by Mojisola Saka at the World Speech Day in Lagos on March 15, 2017.

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Mojisola Saka is an all-round and experienced resource with multiple expertise of Marketing and Marketing Communications including Perception & Reputation Management, Activations and Events. She has a a strong knowledge of strategic communication design, planning and management. She is the Chief Operating Officer of Soulcomms a multi marketing and communications service Consultancy situated at Opebi, Lagos.