CHI Exotic Nectar Reiterates Superior Taste In New Campaign


Chi Exotic Nectar, one of Nigeria’s most admired fruit nectar drink has launched a new communication campaign to reiterate its commitment to indulge all its consumers with the wonderful taste that they just love. Tagged I Love the Taste, the campaign delivers the brand’s promise of superior excellent taste through sublime and persuasive imageries that resonate with consumer aspirations.

CHI Exotic Nectar Reiterates Superior Taste In New
CHI Exotic

The TV commercials for the  I Love the Taste campaign depict not only the expression of brand affinity that Chi Exotic Nectar has earned from its irresistible taste and distinctive refreshment, but it also showcases the ongoing relationships with a product that is always at hand with great taste to appeal to senses with sheer pleasure across various consumption moments. It also seeks to deepen consumer preference, bonding and franchise – with the promise of superior taste.

The TV commercials which come in two parts open with imageries of three friends relaxing in a tropical resort, friends having fun at school, friends having fun mixing the juice at a bar, a lady in the pool, as well as a mother and child at home all united in their varied expressions of delight in moments of indulgence, relaxation, socialization, celebration and mixing, as they relish the unmatched taste of Chi Exotic Nectar. Each scene of the TV commercials tell a story of enduring connection and divergent benefits derived from Chi Exotic Nectar.

For Biodun Falolu, a company executive with AdvancedSpecs, Chi Exotic Nectar’s extensive range of fruit nectar blends provides a rich, natural and unique taste that makes the juice great as take alone and fantastic for mixing, which is the reason he has stuck with the brand.

“In an effort to enhance preference for the brand, Chi Exotic Nectar comes with the most exciting fruity blends and variants of any juice in Nigeria. Its irresistible taste makes its worthy of indulgence in moments of socialization and celebration with my friends as we can enjoy it alone or mix with other drinks,” he said.

Ikechukwu Nwoke, a brand analyst noted that a television commercial has to score high in two areas to be memorable: sheer entertainment value and disruption/thought-provoking ability.

“The new Chi Exotic Nectar I Love the Taste television commercials score high on these fronts. Its apt use of diverse locations i.e. Tropical Resort, Bar, School, Pool, Beach and Home in a 60 second advert to convey subtle messages of the brand’s exotic taste is quite thought provoking, whilst the use of various indulgences to convey the brand message of superior taste offers entertainment value,” he noted.

According to Chi Limited’s Head of Marketing, Probal Bhattacharya, “Chi Exotic Nectar offers a range of fruit nectar blends with great taste that is superior to all. Its exotic taste has made it the preferred consumer beverage for indulgence, relaxation and celebration.”

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“Through our new communication campaign tagged I Love the Taste, we intend to create bonding, further endearing the brand to consumers as the best tasting juice, thereby driving loyalty and market leadership,” he said.

Chi Exotic is a unique blend of nectars of tropical fruits. First of its kind in Nigeria, Chi Exotic Nectar is available in Pineapple & Coconut, Mango, Guava, Multifruita, Orange Peach, Banana, Pineapple & Papaya, Orange & Coconut, Tropical fruits & Coconut, Sangria. It comes in 1litre, 500ml, 315ml and 180ml pack sizes.