Brands will get results if they invest more in Entertainment – Jesse King (Buga)


One of the proponents of contemporary African music is Jesse king alias Buga, whose style of music is unique. He uses his music to promote ‘Africanness’, and this has made him to succeed in his chosen career.  In this chat, he talked about his journey into the world of music. Excerpts…

Brands will get results if they invest more in Entertainment - Jesse King (Buga) -
Jesse King

Q: You entered the entertainment industry with your brand of music, can you tell us more about this brand?

Buga: my music is centred on promoting Africanness. It is purely afrocentric. We use Yoruba language as the driving platform, it is a feel good, spirit lifting music. I am committed to putting smiles on the faces of people.  It is a deliberate effort and I am happy that we succeeded in hitting target.

Q: In our present day Nigeria, musicians have their target audience, can you tell us your audience and how you intend to sustain the relationship?

Buga: My music is indeed food to the soul. Everybody needs and enjoys good food. Our audience is not limited by age or geographical delineation. Everybody that loves good music on planet earth should love my music.

Q: Do you think that Corporate Nigeria is doing enough for the entertainment industry?

Buga: Certainly not. They can do a lot more.  Corporate Nigeria needs to invest more in the entertainment industry. It is a symbiotic relationship that will certainly yield bountiful results, if a conscious effort is made to support our industry. Its a synergy that will produce unprecedented results in their bottom lines.

Q: Tell us your educational background, role models and your family?

Buga: I am a graduate of Ondo State University (now Ekiti State University), Ado- Ekiti in Ekiti State. I am happily married and blessed with wonderful children. My role model is Nelson Mandela who is an epitome of zeal, loyalty, commitment, success and humility.