Brand Spotlight: Richmeal Foods



With clear, relevant and unique iconic brand love presence in Nigeria. Richmeal continues to raise their brand equity by strengthening their brand appeal and market network across Nigeria and West Africa. To sustain growth the company is continuously brand building through their numerous blue chip innovations. So far, the results have been overwhelming with earnest supports of loyal customers.



Food and beverage sector has experienced consistent sentiments since 2008 global financial crisis. As the normal market parameters intertwined causing majority of consumers to purchase more of private label brands over top leading international and national brands*1 Richmeal arrival marked a turnaround transformation with a huge difference taping into the untapped opportunities held by private labeling in Nigeria and across African continent, especially operating at the core of their mission – which is to “enrich nourishment of life with superior products that adds to the quality of life at an affordable cost”.



Richmeal has grown strong customer’s affection as loyal consumers choose and prefer Richmeal food and beverage brands over top leading international and national brands. The company boasts of lucrative manufacturing contracts and agreement with multi-national companies “MNC’s” and leading Nigerian manufacturing companies. Their strategic alliance has strengthened the country’s job creation and has since secured Nigerian workforce with up to more than 700 job retention due to effectiveness and efficiency alluring to benefits of economies of scale as these employees has seen justified pay increases as such partnership assures full and optimal manufacturing capacity that enables companies reduce fixed cost, uncertainties and breakeven into profit maximization. The company recent MNC manufacturing partnership is a franchise license to ATA Ltd. Co “Ukraine leader lump sugar manufacturer”. The partnerships has lead to a strategic venture with Dogan’s Sugar Limited – European invested company with manufacturing plants for cube sugar located in Nigeria with monthly production capacity exceeding 90,000 tons. The Nigerian Sugar Development Council “NSDC” supports their efforts for creating such national opportunities that spurs economic competitiveness. The NSDC in partnership with the Nigerian government has imposed ban on the multibillion Dollar importation business of packet sugar into the country since 2013*2 which has offered a constructive scenario of which Richmeal and strategic partner(s) are currently leveraging from.

*1 Source: The Nelsen Company, Global Online Survey, Q3 2010
*2 Source: Nigerian Trade Hub 2013. Online –We saved 191.6Bn from Sugar importation FG



As the company embraces top notch innovations and continuous improvement. The company achievements so far is geared in line with British Retail Consortium (BRC) as Richmeal entire operation management from supply and logistics, packaging, manufacturing, quality control, storage and distribution fully compliance with BRC Global Standards. Also Richmeal has grasped numerous awards, most remarkable one is the company’s product design and label imprints has consistently showcased in the Iconic Gold Label awarded for Gold Original Label Design. Richmeal has also been awarded approval status from the renowned National Agency for Foods and Drugs Administration and control (NAFDAC).



Richmeal started as a sole Nigerian indigenous company with a clear notion to champion Africa’s Global Excellence. The company was formed with the vision to become Global Iconic Brand Leader within the food and beverage sector Inspired “Out of Africa” by 2020. The company are the owners of the well national and international well protected intellectual properties “Richmeal & brand attributes registered trademarks” © copyrights 2015.

Richmeal Foods & Beverages Company Limited was incorporated under the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a limited liability company on 26TH September 2014. Richmeal has grown from startups into a blue chip company .Richmeal brand equity has grown steadily from indigenous brand into a multinational brand given the company’s yardstick to checkmate their practice to stringent management and leadership standards just as the company’s entire product range are benchmarked against international standards that brings the Richmeal & brand close with top competition from most established international and national brand. The company uses a franchise model almost a replica or identical to world famous coca-cola brands’ franchise model were manufacturing rights are given to selected companies that have proven core technical competencies and trustworthy goodwill to sustain the superior quality of their brand attribute standards. The franchise model allows them to leverage from strategic partnership enjoining both full manufacturing capacity with cost effectiveness while the company amplifies focus and relevancy with exponential marketing appeal to inspire brand love and continuously grow its brand equity. Richmeal has emerged and will remain a game changer unbeatably withstanding the test of time within the Nigerian and across African food and beverage sector, leading with core exclusive rights in distribution and marketing of FMCG brand.





Richmeal boast with great range of food and beverage portfolios and that should include the entire Richmeal conceived and launched products; from biscuits, wafers, crackers, oven fresh bread, spaghetti, juice, premium water and the very Richmeal Cube Sugar. In line with commitment in pursuit of excellence the company has invested in state of art tested methods of production and design with the aim to infuse latest market trends while remaining relevant and competitive as FMCG brand with their mantra assurance “Enriched nutrition for you”. The company maintains strategic partnership under a franchise model with top notch industry experts and product designers who manufacture the superior products that they provide. Which is In line with continuous market led research, Richmeal are not only able to provide products that “add to quality of life” but also they are able to do so at an affordable cost.

With lead on maximum production capacity utilization Richmeal today has also invested in State of art management distribution system “MDS” located pan Nigeria but most importantly within the critical re-distribution point in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria (with 2 international market in Aba, namely Ariaria and Eziukwu International market respectively you cannot afford to lose out in the regional power house of FMCG in Nigeria). And to manage the ever competitive and dynamic challenges of distribution and proper re-distribution in Africa’s biggest consumer market with a market of more than 170 million people. The company’s distribution management disco enjoys local harmonization and core familiarity benefits of knowing the local stakeholders too well. From the distributors, wholesalers, retailers, vendors, consumers and other various stakeholders they actually meet their respective needs in line with their quest to position Africa for global excellence and this has been their core competitive advantage over contemporaries which are established international and national brands. Richmeal full range products are:

  • Richmeal® Natural Premium water
  • Richmeal® Oven Fresh Bread
  • Richmeal® Spaghetti
  • Richmeal® Macaroni
  • Richmeal® Crackers
  • Richmeal® Instant Noodles
  • Richmeal® Juice
  • Richmeal® Milk Drink
  • Richmeal® White Cube Sugar



With clear, relevant and unique iconic brand love presence in Nigeria. Richmeal continues to raise their brand equity by strengthening their brand appeal and market network across Nigeria and West Africa. To sustain growth the company is continuously brand building through their numerous blue chip innovations; including e-business platform, creative product designs, strategic partnerships, strategic marketing and many more. So far, the results have been overwhelming with earnest supports of loyal customers.

The most recent example of their commitment towards continuous brand building and creative blue chip innovations; is the lunch of Richmeal MegaStore “RMS”  which is a one stop e-shop that works hard to lift customers online shopping experience to new heights. This is referred as a priceless innovation and first of its kind within FMCG business in Nigeria. RMS aims to enhance Richmeal brand love by offering the most complete and in-depth selection of Richmeal products and many more. RMS serves as a critical part of Richmeal family, customers will receive exclusive privileges to loyalty rewards, customer reviews, product rankings, professional recommendations from their brand managers, merchandise, souvenirs, fashion & stationery designed by Richmeal brand as love family, exclusive invites to their exclusive offers, sale events and value buys.

Number 4 RMS Richmeal MegaStore



With constant line-up of new products and product innovations which is constantly introduced into the market. Richmeal has become synonymous with innovation. The company’s maintains stringent quality assurance involves continuous control and proactive market –Led research and development (R&D) that caters for numerous ranges of superior products they offer within the food and beverage sector as required fulfilling needs of customers.

Richmeal Megastore (RMS) launched invokes not just brand engagement but also a strong sales presence within and across Nigeria and West Africa. The e-store and app launch aims to tap into the double digit growth of the mobile money market share resonating herein Africa.

With 24 hours real time customer support and customer service, customers can at any point in time within their free time place orders for Richmeal products, branded merchandise, fashion, accessories and many more. Their orders will be processed simultaneously for delivery lead time of 3 working days



Richmeal believes in strong and effective brand building and the company focus to achieve this through its strategic consumer-led promotions that are focused through comprehensive effective activation including Through –the-line,  Above the line and Below the line channels, as well as internet marketing. These promotions are based on relevant consumer insights grounded by exponential creative idea as a footprint for communication engagement.

Beyond thematic and tactical campaigns which are carried out monthly and quarterly basis. One of Richmeal key drivers in brand building is the active strategic sponsorship roles.

Richmeal is a good player and strong believer in creative marketing, sponsorship platforms and contest as one of its key drivers in brand building till date and has proudly sponsored the #BelieveInNigeria campaigns through various media platforms; including likes of facebook, local radio stations and many more.

Today with sponsorship that helps garner well perceived responsiveness for Richmeal brand love image is understood as one that progressively offers superior quality products.

Notwithstanding these successful progress that has been achieved by a start-up in an amazing short period of time. Richmeal has never forgotten it creed to champion African spirit by giving back to the community that she’s proudly part of. As part of Richmeal business values, Corporate Social Responsibility “CSR” has been one of its top priorities from day one and Richmeal pledges its credo of continuance in pursuit of excellence.


The company’s positioning of brand love is your families best friend with enrich nutrition “adding to the quality of life at an affordable cost” promoting strong and healthy families such that inspires true love to all generation as naturally inspired by African heritage, culture and tradition in all their activities both internal and external.

This can be seen from products, works, presence and right down to corporate culture. With a strong belief that they are set apart from the rest, this differentiation   has been the anchor of their success.

Richmeal & brand attributes are well constructed from the point of inception as they carefully put forward first the importance of brand positioning and differentiation, right before coming up with the name Richmeal, which was derived from the quest to champion African spirit in line with their founding mission (To enrich nourishment of life with superior products that adds to the “quality of life” at an affordable cost) And all this blend of imperatives built and forms the brand mantra “Richmeal”.

Today Richmeal is progressively growing into a household name in Africa’s biggest consumer market “Nigeria” and emerging small footprint in Ghana and gradually making plans to expand its market share within Nigeria, Ghana and West Africa.

With continuous increase in its branding activities, the Richmeal brand promises to achieve the company’s vision: (To become Global Iconic Brand Leader Inspired “Out of Africa” by 2020)


Richmeal brand mission and mantra is to enrich nourishment of life with superior products that add to the “Quality of life” at an affordable cost.

Richmeal is a proud sponsor of the #BelieveInNigeria campaign, and has inculpated it into their brand building promise. The promoted more than 12,400 branded Richmeal notebooks with #BelieveInNigeria imprinted inside and insured that they are handed to loyal customers personally at various educational institution and sales point. i.e. Roban Store Enugu, Linjo Supermarket Porthacourts and many more. And such is in line with the company’s quest to position Africa for Global Excellence.

Richmeal products can be found with presence across Nigeria and now even better with innovative e-business platform lunched as Richmeal Megastore ‘RMS” which inculpates fast and reliable delivery WITH 24 HOURS customer support and customer retention privileges. The company’s strategic partnership strongly encourages the Nigeria manufacturing efficiency and effectiveness as the company only promotes mainly “made in Nigeria” and such has achieved strong positive impact on growing Nigerian workforce opportunities.

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