Aniwura Garners 2000 Subscribers In One Month


Barely one month after its prelaunch held early September, over 2000 businesses have subscribed to trade on

Aniwura Garners 2000 Subscribers In One Month
aniwura-logo – is a new e-marketplace and a marketing platform built to  provide visibility to Nigerian businesses and a gateway for the international market to access the lucrative Nigerian market via  a  multi-dimensional model  that offers  business-to-business(B2B) and business-to-government (B2G)  and Online-to-Offline services on “a single platform” to the  global community.

Expressing excitement at the response the platform is getting from the business community,

the Founder/CEO,, Iwayemi Ogomudia, said that  the company is inspired to help subscribers give their businesses visibility on the e-marketplace and gain access to hitherto inaccessible markets.

“Now, we are over 2000-member strong in just one month. This is exciting for us. We continue to be inspired to helping our subscribers give their businesses visibility on the marketplace and valuable benefits from one-of-a kind partnerships with merchant partners as we continue to build the team.

“Aniwura is focused on how to create the avenue for Nigerian(nay African) manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors to join their foreign counterparts who have moved on from owning shops that can generate sales in the streets only to a common marketplace where they can easily be found and fulfill sales orders to customers across the country and globally,” she added.

She invited businesses to take advantage of the ongoing promo window that will last till November to join the platform.

“Businesses are advised to take advantage of one of the following annual rates before they increase next month: N10,000 (15 months prepaid) 3 months promo,-N50,000 ( 15 months prepaid) 3 months promo and-N100,000( 15 Months prepaid) 3 months promo. View our subscription packages on :

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“Aniwura offers users of the platform incredible benefits including exclusive access to the Aniwura Marketer Incentive Program  where registered marketers can earn commission and special points privileges by refereeing entrepreneurs to subscribe the marketplace(Click here for access:”

She urged buyers to explore the businesses of over 2000 subscribers and contact them to have access the unique benefits they have to offer. (Click here: is an online marketplace that  allows buyers to shop free while suppliers and merchants pay discounted fee as annual subscription to have access to millions of corporate buyers.